A Relationship Must Not End Up In Marriage – Chibueze Ifeanyi

Often times, we hear people lament after a failed relationship, I established her, I made her what she is, today. I used my savings to train her, she became a big lady and left.

I ignored rich guys, I stood by him in his worst moments, I built everything with him, I invested all my savings to help him become who he is, today.

This is one of the most frustrating, depressing and devastating part of a failed relationship. You remember how much you invested in people, you don’t even know how to move on from them. You see them as demons.

These stories should teach many of us important lessons. A relationship must not end up in Marriage. Learn how to love yourself FIRST! before any other mortal. Many of us love our relationships more than ourselves.

You don’t just sit down, attach yourself to a man, spend every coin that comes your way for him in the name of helping him build. While building with him as you claim, build yourself too.

Invest in your future and life as well. Don’t lose your job or career for a man, learn a skill or business, become noble, establish yourself while working together with him to perfect your relationship.

Uncle, establish yourself first before looking for who to establish. It’s not a Disney world, without money, relationship is almost a joke. Don’t spend everything you need to become a man in helping a woman. People can disappoint you at any time and you’ll just become empty.

Don’t ever believe the loyalty of a broke Man or woman. They’ll even smile when you’re insulting them, they’re always there when you need them. The true character of most people becomes evident when you give them money and power.

In the entire Universe, the most important person in your life is YOU and not your relationship or your partner. While walking and working towards a desired future with your partner, don’t be left behind. Invest in yourself too.

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Chibueze Ifeanyi

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