Adada River Resurface After Disappearing For Over Four (4) Decades

After disappearing for over four (4) decades, Adada river located in Igboeze South Local Government Area of Enugu state, resurfaced to the amazement of the entire community.

According to our source, Noblechy Okey, the very deep and large river all of a sudden disappeared, one could only see dry land. But to the astonishment of many, it resurfaced few months ago.

History has it that water from the river was used to build the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1960. It is also believed that the river disappeared few years after the war.

People from far and near have been visiting the location to behold the wondrous river.

Igboeze South LGA Chairman, Hon. Dr. Fide Odo, in a video revealed he graded the road leading to the river, in order to make it easy for those visiting. He also revealed that the river is good for irrigation, 5 star hotel and Mini damn.

He went further to tax the liaison officers to be on their toes to discover more sight like Adada river. In his words;

”I have given this as a tax to liason officers to be on their toes, to discover more sight like this, so that beyond providing roads, providing health care, education, we also provide a documentary evidence of the essence of our Local Government.”

See the video below;

According to a man identified simply as Ambassador on Facebook, Adada River has a rich cultural history of which can be harnessed for educational purposes by all and sundry

Read more below;

Adada River: it’s socioeconomic significance for sustainable development.

Adada River, a landmark located in Ibagwa aka, Igboeze South LGA in Enugu state have been preserved by God for it’s cultural heritage value.

Adada River is an Important Community Asset and thus have a very positive influence on many aspects of the way a community develops, because it adds character and distinctiveness to an area.

Adada River as a heritage is fundamental in creating a ‘sense of place’ for the community.

History has it that the Adada River is the source of water used in building the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Just like we have other heritage sites in Nigeria like the Ogbunike cave in Anambra etc, so it is with the frantic effort of the Mayor of Igboeze South, Dr Fide Odo in making sure it is enlisted as a heritage site by the ministry of culture and tourism.

Adada River has a rich cultural history of which can be harnessed for educational purposes by all and sundry. I grew up with the mindset that there is no River in Nsukka geopolitical zone aside a few in Agu Opi.

History do have it that the river dried up just a few years after the war but God in his benevolence made the river to resurface again.

According to my little findings and guide by the Supervisor in charge of Education, Igboeze south that informed me with pictorial the massive cash crops ongoing in Adada.

The river opens a wide socioeconomic significance if well harnessed.

Irrigation won’t be a bad idea. Adada River as a resort center would be an epoch making one just like the Nike Lake resort, but a modern one at that.

It opens door for tourism which will serve as a source of income, just like we have the samba carnival in Reo de jenero in Brazil, the Calabar carnival so shall we come up with the Adada River cultural carnival.

Private public partnership can go along way and it’s a good way to go.

We can make Adada River the next wonder.

Join us for a live broadcast next week as we showcase the beauty and inherent opportunities in Adada River.

I wish you a blissful weekend.

It’s your friend and brother, Ambassador.

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