AGN Mourns Nollywood Actor Kayode Durojaiye AKA Biggie

Actors Guild of Nigeria Abuja Chapter has again been thrown into serious mourning following a reported death of one of its actors, Kayode Durojaiye.

Kayode Durojaiye popularly known as Biggie, died at Federal Medical Center Lokoja, yesterday 26th May, 2019, after a fatal car accident on his way back to Abuja from his cousin’s burial.

Confirming the incident, AGN Abuja PRO, Ambassador Patience Nnedinso Eze, on behalf of the entire Guild expressed sadness over the loss of their colleague and wished him a peaceful rest.

In her words;


With pain beyond words and bleeding hearts Actors Guild of Nigeria Abuja Chapter. announces the transition to glory of one of her own, Mr. Kayode Durojaiye popularly known as Biggie. Who died at Federal Medical Center, Lokoja yesterday after a fatal car accident on his way back to Abuja.
He was one of Nollywood finest #actor, a gentle soul and a friend to all.He lived as though he knew how short his stay in this world was.
While submitting to the perfect will of God, we want you to know wherever you are that we love you, we would have brought you back if it was within our power.

Your death is very difficult for us to accept, but we can not question God. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen.

Please, all members, friends and well wishers within Abuja should join us at Asset Garden, Opposite Garki General Hospital Area 8, by 10:am, from where we shall be proceeding to his family house while we continue to pray to the Almighty for the fortitude to bear such an irreplaceable loss. Thanks and God bless.

Office of the PRO AGN Abuja

Friends and colleagues has taken to social media to react to the actors sudden death.

Tola Taye Balogun – Why do death come with its ugly claws and take people untimely? Why must someone be born in the first place when he is still going to die? To what end does death repay us for all the ups and downs of life? Who benefits at one’s death God or the devil? Kayode Durojaiye aka Biggy I cannot believe you are gone so soon. Last week we were together chit-chatting and laughing freely. I even congratulated on your new car and we prayed together. You were a good actor Biggy. One of your spectacular role that still leaves me bewildered is your role in one of my movies Aunty London where you played alongside Chiwetal Agu. Sleep well Biggy, the entire Nollywood will remember you. My heart bleeds.

Telojo Kanwei – A friend, brother, thespian, a superstar, just passed on to rest with our creator, may his soul rest in perfect peace, though I still can’t believe it, even when we’re not together, we still feel closer, I miss you bro, I know one day we will meet again…. RIP Biggie, Kayode Durojaiye Actors Guild Abuja miss you, we’ll burn candles lifted high to this exit. My heart bleeds, still can’t believe it that’s why it’s hard to say goodbye, every word I write flows with a tear drop. We all miss you brother.

Nazareth Jesse – R.I.P. Wonderful colleague with good heart, good night biggie.

Enitan Audu – The pains in my heart is so much right now that i don’t know if I will be able to survive it.  we ate together on thursday, biggie you told me you are traveling and to be back on Sunday. Biggie where are you. My God !!! Oh my God. My good friend Franca is still in the cold room, and now you again! How do I cope ?????

Nora Obilor –

Black Sunday. Death why snatching Biggie away. From us,my heart is broken
Who ever told me that d last day we drank together will be d last day I will see u.I will so fight d person. A man wit a good heart. Always happy, so ds is the end

Actors Guild Abuja (AGN) Abuja chapter in pain, Biggie u are d last person
I should be writing RIP on his picture. But then. I AM saying this RIP in shock , what do I know?
God knows the best. Been crying ND in pain.


I never knew that our first movie together, was going to be our last; neither did I know that the farewell and goodnight I said to you at the last AGN meeting 2018 when you ensured that I sat by your side while you poured me a drink, was the last time we were ever going to see face to face.
You have been the only elderly person in Actors Guild Abuja that makes me feel like am home, that I belong there; you treat me like an equal even when you are far beyond me in age and rank…. OMG… Biggie, I didn’t and wasn’t prepared for this shocking news this morning.

Adieu my big friend, Kayode Durojaiye


Hollie Saint Edge – From THE FURY…SOIL…THE INBOX…CLUB 13…among others. Thought we do more and now no more…RIP Biggie.

Elvis Bemoza – Death is a thief…but while we mourn the dead let the living, live to love..coz nobody knows tomorrow. adieu biggie.

Loveth Nkiruka SPark – Noooooooo biggie come back please, it’s too sudden oooo
Oh my God,can’t bear dis, why biggie
RIP is hard to say, biggie come back if possible, AGN abuja will miss u greatly..

May his soul rest in peace.


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    It was at about 3:48pm yesterday afternoon that Mac Justice got that call that changed everything for us yesterday. The caller said Biggie had an accident on his way back to Abuja and according to him, you were dead because you were still trapped in the vehicle.

    No! we said, you may be trapped but not dead… And so we prayed for you and everyone with you. We kept calling the only person who was with you but she was badly injured and was rushed to the hospital.

    We continued to pray believing in God for your life… Friends kept calling and I kept informing them about the chances of you being alive. It was a hectic day for myself and those with me hence our inability to come to Lokoja immediately.

    Calls were made by all and our Chairman, Mr Biggie your Chairman Mic Master Prince Alvin people sent 3 people within Lokoja to go visit you immediately and get us feedback.

    Against all odds, we were told you were dead at pass 11pm yesterday. Yet we refused to accept it, we raised a prayer altar for you and chain prayer was initiated… We couldn’t sleep all night waiting for that news that will change everything… But then our Maker, your Maker, the one who made heaven His dwelling place and the earth His footstool has a better plan for you.

    Now, against our wish we were forced to accept this cruelty… #Biggie, this is not the agreement naaa!!!
    Your friends were excited waiting for your return yesterday, they already made so many plans of how they were going to hang out with you so I was told. You family were also waiting because they new you were on your way back to Abuja.

    Remember you told me on Easter Sunday during the shooting of Living In Abuja how you have stepped into the shoe of your dad since death took him away not up to a year ago… Biggie, whom did you abandoned your mom and siblings to?

    Just answer me this and I will let you be… Is this how you planned to be a father by turning your back on everyone when they needed the most?

    Haha! Biggie… My heart has refused to be consoled… You were such a selfless person. Never seen someone as humble, and caring as you were. No time for small fights… Always a peace maker.

    How can I say farewell brother?
    You couldn’t even wait for me to completey tenure in office… This is so unfair even though we can not question God.

    Please, come back to us, there is still time… Your best friend is in a critical condition, still fighting for his own life, do not take him along… Should you have found a better place than this wicked world… Please, send him back to us snd we will forgive you for leaving without goodbye, I promise.

    Destiny too deserves another chance, please help me tell God when you see him… She is too young to die… Negotiate with God on your friends’ behalf and I promise to let you rest in peace.

    Please kindly help me find Kayode Durojaiye

  2. We were friends in university spicky, remember how we cook indomie together, i can’t of all the plans we had together, spicky were are you? Why do you have to go?….
    I can’t stop crying, sadness fill my heart!!

  3. Kai. Still finding this very hard to believe.. I’m so short of words. No one knows tomorrow.! RIP Biggie…

  4. Speechless! I Want to speak but the words won’t come out… Had few encounters with Biggie in the industry and I can testify he was a GREAT soul to be with… Rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ Friend and Brother!

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