Always Tell Your Partner When They Wronged You

Someone complained his partner to me. She now talks to him the way she wants. He highlighted all the things he has done for her including getting a job for her. She had the gut to tell him he’s insensitive and stupid.

He wanted to end the relationship but just wanted to know how I would feel about it since I know both of them. I asked him what led to that statement, he narrated how both of them have been dealing with issues in the past.

They had a disagreement and started exchanging words and she insulted him. He thought I would support him in breaking up with her, I surprised him with the truth.

One of the things that destroys a relationship is keeping grudges instead of talking to your partner and making them see they wronged you. You don’t need to ignore or pretend to show you’re matured or you don’t nag or over-complain.

The moment you have it at heart, it starts building grudge and hatred for the person. You’re still dealing with the one they did, they’ll do another one. You’ll start reacting and showing attitude to someone that may not even know they wronged you.

The person will feel bad and start reacting to what you’re doing. Your own anger will continue getting worse. Both of you will continue reacting to reactions until you get to a point where you can’t take it again. Insults without regards or breaking up will be the result.

Forget maturity, tell your partner they’re wrong and settle it at that moment. Grudges and expecting people to know they are wrong and apologize have destroyed many relationships.

Love, care, understanding, respect, if they’re not mutual, then it’s not a relationship. If they’re not aware or pretend they don’t know they’re wrong, call them and talk to them. This is for the sake of your sanity. #Obrigado

Chibueze Ifeanyi

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