#Atikulated: Nigerian Man Writes An Open Letter To Atiku

A Nigerian man identified simply as Iyke Mono, took to social media to advice the 2019 presidential aspirant, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

According to Iyke, Nigerians are not interested in the former looters and how much they ate, rather they are more interested in seeing love shared among the different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

He went on to advice Atiku to feed Nigerians, create jobs and education and sack Lai Mohammed. Read his words below;

Sir please make yourself different from the rest. Your people are suffering in this great blessed nation. Killings everyday, ritualist everywhere, no food, no job.

We are not interested in the former looters and how much they ate. We are interested in seeing love shared between an Hausa man and Igbo man, Yoruba man and Hausa and with all other tribes. We are all humans created by one Father.

Let me tell you one secret, if you want to be loved by people give them food. When a
poor man eats, he can’t think of stealing nor killing. Make people to eat. Give them jobs
and pay them on time.

An average Nigerian doesn’t want to be a millionaire but just a little satisfaction of his wants, he goes home happily. Create jobs and education in the North, and force them to go to school instead of begging and riding okada in Lagos and Abuja.

If an average northerners can have a basic education, most people that turned into boko Haram won’t have done so. Invite foreign investors, seek help from the western world not from the past corrupt military leaders.

Sack some old men in the Senate and House of Assembly, let them go home and be
enjoying their wealth. Involve young men and women in your administration.

People like Lai Mohamed and others are no longer needed. They should resign and enjoy their pension and allow fresh young men to exist. Always tell us the truth. We will all support you

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