Bigg Sam Bares All As He Reveals His Past Struggles In Life

Bigg Sam is a Gospel Artiste from Imo State but based in Abuja. Apart from being an Artiste, He is also a Script Writer, Event planner, comedian and an Emcee.

The fabulous and talented young man in a new post opened up about his past struggles and encourage those going through series of challenges to hold on as it will surely get better.

In his words;

My name is Bigg Sam of Bigg Sam Entertainment and Bigg TV. I’m an orphan. I’m a Nigerian youth.

I left my father’s house in 1996 after my Primary school to Aba. So did my secondary education in ABA at All Saints Secondary School Ehere, Ogbor Hill. I started hustling for myself at a tender age immediately after my secondary school in 2004.

I was employed as a factory worker in Aba where I was paid 4k per month. I later became the Production Manager in the company in 2005 not because of my long stay in the company but because of my doggedness.

I rented my first house in Aba in 2005. A one room in a “face me, I face you” compound at Port Harcourt Road by Ozuomba.

In 2006, the company placed me on house allowance.

In January, 2008, I tendered my resignation letter to the company which broke the heart of both the management and workers. For the first time, a send forth party was organized on my behalf and a cheque of 25k was given to my by my boss. I could remember some of the workers crying because I was leaving.

I relocated back to Imo State. Stayed for months without job, during my stay at home, I was able to put my brain to work and by so doing I was able to write the following movie scripts, namely; ANOINTED PLAYER, OLD SCHOOL HOUSE, BEN JOHNSON and a book titled STEPS TO STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD (but quite unfortunate, I lost the manuscript).

At times I eat #100 bread with water afternoon and evening. I cut it into two. Due to my passion for entertainment, I joined some theater groups in owerri then. Started my Hip Hop music then. I gingered some Artistes in and outside my community then and a powerful show was staged in my village and it was a huge success and a sold out show, like 80% kudos to me, I made it happen (make I brag joor, e no easy).

I raised so many Artistes who are born and brought up in Owerri, my coming back to Owerri brought out the light in their musical career. I really pushed and encouraged them so much. A lot of Artistes were able to hit the studio and have their songs recorded. So many looked up to me then.

Still on the passion, I worked in a studio then at Tetlow Road for some months without pay.

Later, I got a labourer job at All States Concrete and Interlocks. The job no be here oooo. So so stressful, carrying bags of cements and barrows of sand daily, almost stand from morning till evening.

But I turned to be one of the best factory worker the company ever had because of my show of doggedness. My boss got very fund of me, no dull moment whenever I’m around, in the midst of the hard job, I made sure that everyone laughed. I became everyone’s guy.

Also in Owerri, I was able to record some songs like Iga Ekwete, Sweetest Girl, Sarowiwa Love, Shake Body.

Later in October in 2012, I relocated to Abuja without even an O” Level Certificate. I only came to Abuja with a Ghana Must Go Bag with few clothes.

I worked as a cleaner at Prison’s Headquarters, Airport Road Abuja. After the first month I left there for a house boy job in Kubwa.

When I left Prisons as a cleaner, I gave my company, a name “Golden Eye Concept”. Sorry I forgot to tell you guys that during my stay at home in Owerri, I also learned decoration, so Golden Eye Concept was my Decoration Company name then.

But in 2014, I was able able to get in contacts with so many upcoming Artistes and they called me to come help organize a show and I did my own part. It was agreed that everyone would contribute for the posters and publicity. As times goes on after I’ve secured the venue, paid advance for the flyers, they all disappointed themselves by not being able to pay a dime as agreed.

I had to carry on with the show all by myself and that was when and how the brand Bigg Sam Entertainment came into being. It was supposed to be Abuja All Stars but they failed, so I gats personalize the show. And to glory of God, the show was a success.

So I worked as a house boy for some months before getting a job in Wuse 2 as a Secretary and Head of Admin, all because I was Computer literate not because of any Certificate.

During my probation, I was paid 25k, now imagine from Kubwa to Wuse 2, I spend #800 daily for transport and food. My probation period which was to last for 6 months ended lasting for more than a year.

Not being discouraged at all, I was able to raise money for my O’Level Examination which came out excellently.

Still on 25k salary, I obtained a Part Time Form at Dorben Poly with a Tuition Fee of 175k, where I studied Mass Communication.

Bigg Sam Entertainment has given birth to Bigg TV and so many coming up in future. Hosted its first edition award event tagged Abuja Stars Award on 9th December, 2018

I’m a comedian. I’m an Emcee. I’m into events. I’m a musician. I package events. Also into Talent Procurement, Artistes Management/Mentor-ship.

You might wonder why all these!!!! I wanna let everyone know that life isn’t a bed of roses and no matter what it is Suicide is not an option. Say no to suicide…

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