Diary Of A Teacher – By Norby Nexy Nwafor


I was talking, trying to maintain eye contact.

I was teaching on the difference between weather and climate and their elements.

I was gesturing with my hands, taking the usual short strolls in front of the class as I explained in details to them.

Then I looked towards their direction and surprisingly, she winked at me.

I was shocked, I didn’t expect it. I almost stuttered in my speech, but I took a breath and continued. I waved it off my mind, seeing it as though she was just blinking her eye to clear a dirt.

Then, two days later, I was outside the staff office, punishing some students who had defaulted, when she sauntered past me.

I noticed her because she greeted and as I made to answer, she winked and this time, bit her lower right lip.

I was tongue tied and couldn’t say a word, then she laughed inaudibly and continued on her way…

It is indeed obvious, that the devil has come to church!

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