Diary Of A Teacher (Episode 2) – By Norby Nexy Nwafor

She came after classes to tell me she didn’t understand what was taught.

I tried explaining in details to her, yet she couldn’t understand, or maybe she didn’t want to.

Seeing that there were no solutions to her understanding problems, I suggested she came back some other time. I hoped she’ll take my suggestion, but she shocked me with her response.

With a smile that reeked of sinister motives, and a voice contorted to elicit pity and persuade me to accept whatever she suggested, she said, “sir, can I come to your house when you’re chanced, so that you can put me through?”

I remembered then what was said that, “he who dines with the devil, should use a long spoon.” It shall not be said that a man had a goat and a yam and the goat ate the yam instead of the yam eating the goat, sorry, instead of the man eating pounded yam with white soup and goat meat, and goat head pepper soup.

I decided to give the devil no chance and I told her it wouldn’t be possible, as whatever business we had ended at the school gate.

She pressed on, but I wasn’t willing to bring in ant infested firewood. And seeing my resilience, she gave up.

I thought that was all, until one Saturday morning…..

Norby Nexy Nwafor

In case you missed Episode 1, below is a link.

Diary Of A Teacher (Episode 1) – By Norby Nexy Nwafor

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