Helen Snow The Lady Dynamite

Helen Snow is a fantastic Nollywood actor and diligent producer; she is the CEO of Helen Snow Entertainment Ltd, founder of  Movie Amazons, registered member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and the Association of Movie Producers, Nigeria (AMP).

Helen Snow

The dynamic lady Helen Snow is also a member of Nollywood France as well as anchoring the role of the principal producer for “STUDIO67 ACADEMY UK” a mobile production academy.

Helen Snow
Helen Snow

As a happily married lady and mother, Helen Snow constantly works hard to keep a healthy work life balance.

Pursuing her career as a film maker has been a strong driving force behind all her life endeavours as she has since her early childhood had the desire to be an actor.

Helen Snow

She wants to use her acting and film making to make a difference in life, to send strong messages to the world, to touch lives, make people better, inspire people to keep pushing and knowing that they can be whatever and whoever it is they want.

6PACK the Movie set photo

Snow’s vision started unfolding when in 2014 she landed herself a role in a Nollywood film.

Working hard as always, and in her quest for qualitative and knowledge based practical experience, the screen goddess in 2016, sourced out and engaged the professional service of one of Nollywood best (Chucks Mordi) to mentor her.

Helen Snow and her Uk based Mentor Chucks Mordi

Since then Snow has developed to become a producer with three films to her credit, with “JACK THE ASS” being her first film in her capacity as a producer.

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Snow is a fast rising actor and producer set to blaze the trail in Nollywood and beyond.

Helen Snow
Helen Snow

She has worked and earned the credits below both as an actor and a producer.

1 CRUSH PRODUCER 2018 (Short)
6 RUN PRODUCER 2017 (Feature)
7 6PACK PRODUCER 2017 (Feature)
8 JACK THE ASS PRODUCER 2016 (Feature)

In an exclusive interview with Asiribase, Helen Snow gave us a little insight into her career, personality and future plans.

Helen Snow in Action

How did your acting career start?

I started my acting career back in 2014, when an opportunity came knocking and I was invited to a movie set where I ended up playing my first role as a newscaster in the movie NDUKA.

What made you pursue film making?

It has been my life career dream and I had no other option but to give it my all, and I am glad I can boldly say I have a career in film making today.

Which movie maker has inspired you the most?

Whoopy Goldberg

If there is one more thing you think would make Nollywood Film industry better, what would it be?


What other things do you do aside filmmaking?

I do real estate business on the side.

Any challenges so far?

If challenges are ingredients, then trust me I would always make swell dishes because I love challenges, so I really can’t remember being bothered by any form of challenges.

What makes a film great for you?

I appreciate quality acting in a film, and the storyline must be up there, possessing all appropriate professional screenplay elements. Off course I do enjoy brilliant locations, so a great film for me would have to meet these criteria.

How do you relax?

 Music does it so very well for me.

What advice do you have for people in your field?

Everyone needs to start thinking seriously about synergizing, to ensure improved production quality.

Who are you looking forward to working with?

Omotola Jalade, Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry

Tell us what people don’t know about you.

Lol, whatever people don’t know about me, I will like to keep it to myself please.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

I love Omotola Jalade, but if I’m not permitted to crush on a lady, then am afraid I don’t  have any.

Are you married?


How would you describe your personality?

I am an easy going person, hard working, focused, dedicated to a cause and result oriented.

What are your hobbies.

Traveling, music, reading, meeting people and cooking

What project are you working on now?

Currently preparing to participate in a school program on Nollywood, being put together by Institution Notre Dame school in Chartres – France.

What’s your favourite meal?

I don’t have a favorite, I just eat healthy.

Describe your first experience acting, do you remember?

My first experience was truly amazing, because it just came to me like natural, my director actually did give me thumbs up for a job well done.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

Get trained, work hard at winning roles at auditions and spend a lot more time horning your craft.

Thanks for your time Helen Snow.

(Smiles) You’re welcome Asiribase..

JACK THE ASS Movie Poster

Helen Snow is Multi-talented, hardworking, business oriented, very creative, smart, fun to be with and generous. Connect with her on;

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Facebook – Helen Snow

Instagram – @helen2snow

LinkedIn – Helen Snow

You can as well follow Helen Snow Entertainment on Facebook.



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  1. She’s absolutely right. What Nollywood industry needs now is investment. Take China as Example, they are really making waves. Many experts believe China is on the track to have the largest film audience in the world. We can actually be better

    • I’m truly inspired and I must say that ure a strong woman to have balanced ur married life with ur carrier…. More grace

  2. Wow… So good hearing this from her, you’re a motivator and a goal getter… I love ur kinda person, u just gave me more hope and strength that i can do it am not giving up my carrier for marriage. Thanks a lot ma’am. May the good Lord keep strengthen u, more grease

  3. She is indeed a dynamite of a lady, a woman of many positive parts, a great creative and critical professional, she truly has her eyes on the gold – a film enthusiast – a warm hearted soul – a great friend and an excellent protégé – I’m happy to be a positive part of her journey – God bless you my Producer – your rising is our joy.

  4. Shinning stars don’t and can’t hide ….you have all it takes to get things done and you are indeed doing it perfectly well….. More ororo to ur elbow Snow

  5. A well inspired reveal as to who Helen Snow is. Very well done and on point.
    Keep up your hard work and integrity
    It will serve you well.

  6. Snow nnem….you are such an inspiration not just to womanhood but to all and I hope other ladies and women will emulate this great strides.

    Your doing it well and I pray for more grace.

    **wink** **wink**

  7. She an icon, an epitome blessings to humanity. She has touch many peoples life through her acting career. She’s very receptive, those who has meet her in person knows she’s a lovely person. My prayer for her is that God will continue to protect her and preserve always in all her endeavors, congrats Helen Snow,more grace to ur elbows.

  8. well done Helen!!!!! you truly inspire up coming actors and actresses,more grease to your elbows.THUMBS UP GIRL!

  9. The first time I met her she was just different, not like every other actors; and now after going through this article line by line I became more convinced that she’s of a truth a bunch full of potentials.

  10. God will see you true and help you to interpret you dreams to the world….keep the good work rolling and be guided always. I love your work and your person.. .thumbs up

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