Lazy Men Turn Me Off – Nollywood Actress Mary Chukwu

Mary Chukwu is an actress, a model, a presenter and a business enthusiast. She hails from Enugu state. She’s a graduate of English Literature from Abuja University. She also holds a Diploma in Mass Communications from the same University and a certificate of Acting from High Definition Film Academy. She is the 4th out of a family of 7.

Mary Chukwu
Mary Chukwu

While growing up, Mary Chukwu realised she was mostly happy whenever she find herself doing anything related to entertainment, both in church, in school and other places, and ‘that’ motivated her quest into the make believe world.

Mary Chukwu
Mary Chukwu

Mary has featured in numerous award-winning movies and has worked with different A-list directors and actors. She is currently signed to Soulmate studios. Some of her block buster movies includes, BROKEN – which bagged her an NMA nomination, as the best supporting actress, MY KIDS AND I – which is the latest trending Nollywood movie, trust me, you need to see that movie, Mary Chukwu really nailed her character. And a host of others that can easily be seen on or public secrets on YouTube.

Mary Chukwu
Mary Chukwu

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In a brief interview with Asiribase, here’s what Mary Chukwu revealed about herself and her career.

How did your acting career begin?

My acting career began while I was still in school at the University… I’d go for various auditions and I was also a member of actors guild Abuja.

Any challenges so far?

Well in every race in career or life there are usually challenges. But God has indeed been faithful to me.

What do you think would make nollywood film industry better?

I think that proper planning of a particular project will in turn produce perfect production which will in the long run amount to a better nollywood.

What role can you not play?

I cannot play a role where I’ll be completely nude.

If you were not an actor, what would you have been? 

If I was not an actor… I will definitely be into entertainment somehow… I mean I derive so much joy in this craft… So I’m really wondering what I could do to get as much fulfilment if I wasn’t doing this (filmmaking).

What would your ideal role be someday?

I have no ideal role or role preferences as the case may be… The more challenging a character. The more I want to venture into it.

Who’s your role model?

Viola Davis , Angelina Jolie, Nse Ekpe Etim, Mercy Johnson. I’m inspired by a lot of my senior colleques in nollywood.

Who is your celebrity crush?

I have no celebrity crush. I admire some male colleagues in the industry but I don’t crush on any.

Tell us something about you people don’t know…

People don’t know am softer on the inside than I apear on the outside.

What are your hobbies?

Cooking… Swimming… Reading.

What is your favourite food.

White rice and vegetables.

Who is the lucky guy…?

The lucky guy is on the way.

What is your turn off in men?

Dishonesty and laziness.

What advice do you have for aspiring/upcoming actors?

To the up and coming actors like me… Don’t let that fire burn out… Keep pushing…we will all meet at the top.

Thanks for your time Mary.

Thanks for having me….

Mary Chukwu is outstanding at what she does because her passion for the arts is what drives her, she reads a lot and train herself to become a better actor, she is a goal getter, humble, hardworking, respectful, confident and bringing a character to life, gives her more joy. You can connect with her on;

Facebook – Mary Chukwu

Instagram – @Marychukwup

Twitter – @preetymc1

LinkedIn – Mary Chukwu


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