Meet Alkali Matt, An Actor That Is Determined To Stand Out In His Craft..

Meet Alkali Matt popularly known as Bishop, he hails from Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State. He is a lover of God, a singer, songwriter, an instrumentalist (bassist), an actor, a model and a potential husband material. (#wink)

He holds a degree in Public Administration from the prestigious Abuja University. He is passionate about Fashion, Styles, Photography and everything artistic.

Alkali Matt has always been a movie buff right from childhood. He started acting from church drama group at the age of 15. According to him, he always had the dream of being on TV someday but didn’t know how to go about it nor who to connect him.

‘I always dreamt of being on TV someday but I really didn’t know how to go about it and I also didn’t know anyone to connect me.”

It wasn’t easy for him, but he didn’t give up. He kept pushing and at some point started losing interest until a friend who knew he always had interest in acting introduced him to a movie producer and director in 2010.

It wasn’t really as easy as I thought but I kept pushing, I’m still pushing and I don’t intend to stop now because I’m not where I dream to be yet.

Alkali Matt has featured in several movies and has worked with top-notch producers and directors. Some of the movies he featured in are; SIX PACK produced by Helen Snow, Directed by Chucks Mordi. TRACE produced by Michael White, Directed by Everestus. HALITA an Mnet series, Directed by Dimbo Atiya, to mention but a few.

Bishop as he is fondly called, is an extremely talented actor that has the capability to wear whatever role he is playing and totally drop any trace of himself. He is 170m tall, cute, determined, hardworking, inquisitive, humble with a high sense of humour.

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In an exclusive interview with Asiribaze, Alkali Matt gave us a little insight into his personality and career. Below is an extract from the interview;

How would you describe your personality?

I am Calm, cool headed easy-going person. I can be stubborn sometimes though (lol)

Describe your first experience ever acting, do you remember?

Uhmm, first time acting on screen got me a bit nervous because it was entirely different from stage play. The settings, the cut, pickups and all that. I started with stage play.

Which is tougher? Acting on stage or acting for camera?

For me, acting for camera is a lot easier than acting on stage. On stage you face a large crowd, you must not miss your lines, you must maintain a given profile because there’s no cut and pickups on stage. Trust me, stage is tougher, but it grooms you better.

Who is your role model?

Chiwetel ejiofor and RMD if I could add.

What motivates you?

My motivation comes from life itself. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I have been through thick and thin. The rough and the bad times, I also have an idea of a good life. So I always remind and tell myself never to let my background put my back on the ground, I always remind myself that I’ve got to work hard to run life’s race to the finish line until I become the best I can be through God’s grace.

Have you ever had crush on someone on set?

Of course yes but I won’t mention a name. (lol)

Lol Okay. What other things do you do aside acting?

I’m a singer, a bass guitarist, a songwriter, model in fact I’m a bunch of art. Just say I’m a social entrepreneur.

Tell us what people don’t know about you.

What could that be? If it’s something people don’t know about me then it is my little secret (Lol)… Well, most people think I’m a player, playboy or whatever but funny enough I’m not. I don’t do multiple relationship.

So are you in a relationship?

Now, this question is sensitive. Hmmm.. Maybe yes, maybe no, don’t come and put sand sand in my garri biko. I am accepting groom price though (lol).

Lol. How do you handle female admirers?

I just Flow. I’ve been there for so long, no be today. I smile, I give small attention to avoid wantin wantin (lol).. Na now we nor fine again oo. My mama born fine pikin dah year (#wink) Man don use am buy market well well dah year. Lemme tell you a secret don’t let it out o. My friends use to call me touch and follow cos of how babes use to rush me. But thank goodness, I have regained my virginity. Now man don repent.

Lol. Who is your celebrity crush?

Do I even have any again? It use to be Chacha Ikeh, but now Meagan Good

Okay. Lets play a little

Yay! It’s play time.

Are you a dog or Cat person?


Interesting. Movie or football?


Some people say Game of throne is overhyped …. What is your take?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I think it is not overhyped. Before now, watching series wasn’t my thing but game of throne caught my attention and it’s the first series I’ve followed from season one. So for me it is not overhyped It takes a very interesting movie to keep me glued to the screen.

Okayyy… Between Genevieve Nnaji, Mercy Johnson and Chioma Chukwuka, slap one, kiss one and marry one.

Okay, I’ll kiss mercy Johnson, marry Genevieve and slap Chioma Chukwuka

In your few years in the industry, any challenge so far?

My dear, there are so many challenges, but that’s life. Nothing good comes without a price. If the matter no kpai us e dey teach us how to dey wise and strong.

What do you think will make Nollywood industry a better place…

To be honest Nollywood has greatly improved over the years in all aspects, so I’d say to make Nollywood a better place: The producers, the directors and the actors should continue to improve and keep getting better… The show must go on

What advice do you have for upcoming/aspiring actors

Get up, pray, work hard, be consistent, do the right thing at the right time and leave the rest to God.

Alkali Matt is spontaneous, extremely Passionate, creative, goal driven, energetic, a committed performer with a clear sight of where he is headed. He never compromise on his standard and core value.

You can can get in touch with him on;

Facebook: Alkali Matt Tha Bishop
Instagram: @alkalimatt07
Twitter: @AlkaliMatt07

More photos below;

Alkali Matt

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