Meet Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor – A Filmmaker, Philanthropist And A Patriotic Nigerian

Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor is a film Maker, a prolific Writer, an Actor, an Activist, a Philanthropist and a Patriotic Nigerian who believes that Nigeria can be great again.

He is the founder of FACE OF MADE IN NIGERIA, a movement that promotes the use of the products manufactured here in Nigeria. It is geared towards job creation and meaningful engagements of the Nigerian Youths which will eradicate societal crimes and terrorism in Nigeria. The movement also promotes and showcases the good image of Nigeria to the world as it sensitizes the Nigerian Youths politically and in the areas of Entrepreneurship. The movement recently launched a campaign against Drug abuse and trafficking in human persons.

Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor is the CEO of RIKKI PRODUCTIONS LTD, a production house that is poised to revolutionize the movie and music productions in Nigeria. It is concerned with promoting indigent Youths talented in the different areas of Entertainment. Rikki Productions Ltd, in conjunction with FACE OF MADE IN NIGERIA, will be launching a Nation-wide grassroots Talent Hunt termed; “TEACH THE YOUTHS TO FISH”. This Talent Hunt is intended to discover hidden talents from the grassroots, nurture them and showcase them to the world.

Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor

He is also the founder of RIKKI NWAJIOFOR FOUNDATION, a foundation that is Youth oriented. This foundation strives for Youth sensitization and empowerment, training of orphans and the indigents, dissemination of messages of Peace and National Unity, rendering of assistance to the internally displaced Youths, fighting for the just cause of the downtrodden and a lot more.

Aside enjoying being an Actor, he enjoys tourism. Little wonder he is the CEO of R & T Travels and Tourism Ltd. He believes that tourism sector contributes immensely to the growth of the economy of a Nation. He is optimistic that the Nigerian tourism sector can boost the economy of this great Nation and get the Youths gainfully employed, if revitalized and well harnessed.

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Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor strongly believes in One and United Nigeria. He believes that if Nigerians elect the best hands into political offices, via free and fair elections devoid of undue influences and manipulations, Nigeria will regain its lost glories and stand tall among the Nations.

Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor
Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor

He is cheerful, friendly and a jolly fellow. His life principles are guided by his favourite quotes; “try to leave a smile on the faces that come your way, the much you can”, and “do your best to leave the world better than you met it”. He has done a lot to put smiles on the faces of those who have come across him and even those who do not know him in person, via his philanthropies, good acts and write-ups.

He is a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and the Director in the Directorate of Arts, Culture and Tourism of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN HQ Abuja). He is also a member of the Association of Movie Producers (AMP). He is the Secretary of the Business Committee in Actors Guild of Nigeria, Abuja Chapter. He is fluent in Igbo, English and Spanish Languages and understands a handful of French language. He hails from Oji River in Enugu state of Nigeria. He is a lover of his culture and a title holder; OZO AKPAKA IGBO 1.

Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor
Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor

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