Safety: Top 12 Crime-Prone Areas In Abuja

Abuja is generally safe, but as with any city, caution and common sense should still be exercised. Residents and visitors need to be aware that there are the risks of armed robbery, pickpockets, ‘’one chance’’ and even carjacking around some particular location in the beautiful city.

Below are top 12 crime-prone locations in Abuja residents and/or visitors should to be more mindful of;

  1. Nicon Junction

There have been multiple reports of Pickpocket, ‘’One chance’’ around this location.

2) Adetokumbo Ademola Crescent
Here more case of Car theft, (breaking and entering), robbery.

3) Masalaci Junction, Central Area
Armed Robbery, Armed car theft.

4) Wuse Market Axis
Robbery, Car theft

5) Life Camp Roundabouts
Armed car theft, One chance, Phone/bag snatching.

6) Under bridge, Setraco Mabushi
Robbery, Car Theft, Phone/bag snatching, Rape.

7) Phase 3 Junction, Kubwa
Armed robbery, One chance.

8) Banex Junction, Wuse 2
One chance, pickpocket, Phone/bag snatching.

9) Airport Junction Axis
Car theft (breaking and entering), ”One chance”, Phone/bag snatching

10) Area 1 Roundabouts


11) Idu Karmo Axis

There’s been multiple reports of ”One Chance” around this location.

12) Kubwa Express

Armed robbery, One Chance.

In as much as it is only God that protects, we need to be extra careful in all our doings and also apply common sense. Below are some safety methods to apply to avoid falling prey to those hoodlums;

• If you have a car, try your possible best not to drive at night. If you don’t, avoid any taxi that already has an occupant with the driver. If you want to take ”along” make sure you board from the park as it is safer.

Do not park your car in any isolated place no matter the circumstance. Sometimes these hoodlums pretend like you hit them and get you to park. Then they will attack you. Be very careful.

• When going to the market or other crowded places, if you are a man, put your wallet in your front pocket and if you are a woman hold your bag tightly to your body or carry money/phone in a different manner.

• Please resist the temptation of crossing pedestrian bridge at dark hours in order not to fall victim to the attackers hiding under the bridges.

• Stop pressing your phone while walking or while in public vehicle, especially if you’re sited in the front sit. If you must, please wind up. As your phone might be snatched from you while you’re carried away with chats. Ladies, this particular advice is for you people.

• Motorist should ensure that all their car glasses are wind up completely or partially to the level impossible for anybody to slide his hands into the vehicle to snatch anything kept in the passenger’s seat. Wind up once you approach traffic junctions at the bridges or while you are on traffic holdups whether your car have air-conditioner or not.

• If it is possible, do not patronise street hawkers no matter the temptation to buy certain items needed because investigations have confirmed that some of them commit those crimes at traffic junctions and holdups.

Meanwhile, Possessions are replaceable. Your life is not. If you are approached for your car, your money, your phone, or any other possessions, the safest course of action is to co-operate.

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