#SayNoToSuicide: Here Is How You Can Help

Sometimes life might seem hard. Messed up relationships, being broke and jobless, lack of opportunities, rejection, harsh judgement, loss of a loved one, etc. You start feeling like the world is going on without you, as if you’re alone and that no one cares.

If you’re not strong enough, all these can drive you to depression. The depression might get so unbearable that, some people get to the point where life doesn’t seem worth living anymore. Next thought is suicide. But suicide is never and will never be an option.

No matter what you are going through, don’t die in silence. Talk to someone. Trust me, there are people out there to listen to you. Remember this saying ”A problem shared is half solved.” Speak out. Don’t be so comfortable staying alone, please mingle.

The hustle might be hard, but don’t you ever quit. A better tomorrow is only for the living. Nothing is worth your life. No shame, blackmail, situation or reproach is worth your life.

And to the rest of us, lets make it a habit to always reach out to friends, family, colleagues and even neighbours. Let them know how much you care for them. You never can tell what they are going through. Please get more close.

Everyone has a point in life when they feel demotivated, lost and unhappy. All we need to do is help them be strong.

Take out time to check or call them, find out how they are doing. Ask him/her some questions. Insist to know what’s really going on with them. If her/his mood isn’t as it used to be, try and insist to know the reason.

Also always smile and say sweet words to people, you never can tell how far it would go to relieve them of depression. Don’t be so stingy with words. He/she mustn’t be your lover before you can tell him/her ‘I love you’, ‘You look good’, ‘I care about you’, etc.

Tell them how much you love them. Help them see the good qualities in them. Help them think right and have a better mentality. Let them know that suicide doesn’t take a way the pain, it gives it to someone else.

Let’s all say no to suicide…

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    That’s our biggest mistake in life. we feel something, but say nothing, smile and drink the poison. at least until that becomes sad story.

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