See What To Do When You Are Heartbroken

I don’t think being in a relationship is meant for me. I’m not just lucky, it’s not my thing. How dear??? Everyone deserves love.

Ify, my boyfriend broke up with me just 3 months ago, was still heartbroken when I met this awesome guy, he’s such an Angel, a blessing to my life. We dated for just a month, now I’ve lost him again. I’m not just good, I think it’s my fault.

I felt pity for her and anger for what she’s been through. I realized so many of us are going through this same shit over and over again. Let’s fix this.

Not everyone deserve to know that you’re heartbroken. You don’t need to do a public announcement, directly or indirectly on social networks that you’re heartbroken.

Some people would pity you, some would laugh at you, while some would be the next parasite that will eat you up.

In a disappointed and depressed mood, advertising your problem here is making yourself gullible to some sexual predators.

They keep cursing and blaming your immediate ex for your failed relationship, they will curse them for making you go through heartbreak and mock them for losing an angel like you.

They text you, they pet you, they pamper you, they make you forget your pains, they change the world for you, most of us don’t have any choice in our gullible heart than to love these angels sent to clean up our tears.

Ironically and unfortunately, they aren’t really angels, they are opportunistic demons, they enter and eat you up, dump you and make you feel you’re the problem with both your past and present disappointments.

The moment they initiate an affair with you, get fed up with sex, depreciate your pocket, value, reasoning, vision and life, they’ll quietly disappear from you.

The best thing to do for yourself when you’re disappointed is to be strong, assess your past relationship, fix your mistakes if it came from you. Try and get yourself back up.

Even when it’s not easy to move on after a heartbreak because of the emotions, time and resources you invested in it, try your possible best to avoid becoming a victim to opportunistic predators.

Your experience shouldn’t make you gullible, advertising it everywhere won’t help your life, these things should make us stronger, more matured and complete to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Be cool, be nice, be noble, the best is coming, don’t expose yourself to Psycho tyrants. Visit an emotional healer if you can’t fix it alone. You’re the best of who you are, be strong. More Grace.

Chibueze Ifeanyi


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