Timi Dakolo Accuses COZA Pastor Of Sleeping With Female Members

Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo seemingly called out a top pastor with claims that he sexually molest and sleeps with women in his Church and abroad. He also called on church members to wake up and smell the coffee. According to the details he shared, the church is a famous church located in Abuja.

Although he did not give any physical evidence neither did he mention the said pastor’s name or the name of the church, many people are of the opinion he was referring to Pastor Biodun Fatoyibo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) because of the caption he gave the post, which read;



Timi Dakolo appeared to be pretty confident about what he was sharing to his over 1.5 million followers. The singer stated that the said pastor has been destroying the lives of many young ladies who are repeatedly molested, abused and sometimes chased out of the church or payed off to keep silent about the outrageous happenings in the church.

His post reads;


From Ilorin to Abuja to Lagos to Dubai to Port Harcourt to London any city he visits, your pastor is leaving a trail of broken women, sexually abused and mentally strangled. From Avalanche to Gratitude, from Pastoral care units to Host and Hostesses, from Witty Inventions to Hospitality Unit. They are found in every department in that ”Church”. He hand picks his victims and ruins them.

Some of the victims they will threaten, some they will pay off and some they will suppress by isolating from the ”Church Members”. Oga ”Criminal Lawyer” always ready to do the dirty work behind the scene, just to drown the truth. Dear Church Members, try and find these ladies and men to hear theirs side of the truth before crucifying them or branding them evil. Trust me, their side of the story will SHOCK YOU.

So none of you wonder why a dedicated church worker or leader stop coming to church and don’t want to talk about it. Suddenly rumors start flying around about the person being evil. I will tell you all straight up, all your branch pastors know about this evil going on for years and am of it. 

Meanwhile, the police in Enugu has arrested a pastor for impregnating 20 of his female church members – The pastor was said to have claimed that the Holy Spirit had commanded him to impregnate as many female members of the church as possible. Timothy Ngwu also said the Holy spirit had given him the mandate to impregnate these women in his ministry irrespective of their marital status.

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