Trust Me, You Will Cry After Reading This Touching Story By Maxwell Iwezor

It was my birthday, she was on her way to my house. No girl has ever loved me as much as Emily, she could give anything in the world to crack my frown to a smile. I was in my room and getting ready for her arrival. Suddenly with a loud angry voice, I heard my mum scream “BRYAN IS NOT AROUND”!!!!!!!! Mum slams the door on Emily’s face, my birthday cake falls and makes a mess, her nose breaks. Emily bleeds and walks away, saying no word.

About to step into her car, she looks up to the window of my room, she sees my sad face staring at her with teary eyes, we say no word, make no sign and she drives away. Same girl who made sure we had food to eat at home last Christmas, gave me money to pay mums hospital bill when we couldn’t afford it, changed my wardrobe when my dressing made me a laughing stock in the university, and made sure I never went hungry for a day in school.

My mum is critically ill, kidney failure. None of our kidneys is a match. Guess who walks in uninvited? Yeah, Emily, very selfless. She is a match and in no time they are both wheeled into the theater, for a transplant. She is offering my mum one of her kidneys. She looks at my mum and says “I LOVE YOU MUM”. Mum is in tears, but says no word. Mum makes it, and wheeled back to her ward, while Emily was taken to the mortuary. She didn’t make it. Complications. I have just lost my best friend, my only friend, my heart, my joy, my peace.

My broken and dying self walks in to see mum, and she says “Emily was a good girl after all” but I say no word. Those were the most painful words I have ever heard. Why wait till her death to realize it mum? You broke her nose, now you have her kidney, but she is gone. How could you hate my happiness so much and yet say you love me?

Dear death, I cried when you took family and friends from me. But do me a favour and come take me right now, I rather be lifeless with Emily, than alive with any other person. Dear Emily, I love you, see you soon. I cant hold on any longer.

Maxwell Ndamzi Iwezor

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